Sunday, 30 June 2013

How To Block Candy Crush Request( or any other app)

by shiva parajuli  |  in How-To Tips at  03:41

Are you fade up with candy crush requests or any other Facebook apps requests? So do I. Even if I don't play any kinds of addicted Facebook games but still I am getting requests from them. UUUUUrrrrrrrr.%^&^%$£$* (this means I am angry :D)

There are few ways you can stop your friends from sending you.
Simple way is tell to your friend " DON'T FU...ING SEND ME ANY REQUESTS" LOL! I know its not that easy to follow this way. Ok lets start with other easiest way to do it so that no body except you can find out you have blocked candy crush request from anybody.

  1. Go to "Privacy Settings and Tools". (If you don't know how to go there then click this link to go there>>
  2. Go to "Blocking"
  3. At the bottom of that menu you will see "Block apps"
  4. Type the name of the app which you want to block. One you start typing will suggest you CANDY CRUSH automatically.

5. Select the app. Hurrey!!! its DONE. Now you will never get any requests from candy crush. You can do same for any other Facebook games or apps as well. 

Note: If you change your mind in future to unblock it then you can do it easily by selecting "Unblock" as in picture below.

What If I Don't Know How Many Requests I Have Got Already? How Can I Block Them All?

Here is another 3 steps easy way to do it>

  1. Go to this link>
  2. Look of the app which you want to block and click on "X" next to "Accept".
  3. Now you can choose the option either you want to block this app entirely from every body that means you won't get that requests from anywhere anymore or, you want to block all the apps requests from only that friend. select whatever is appropriate for you and then Hurrey!!!!!Its DONE.

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