Monday, 19 August 2013

How To Hack Facebook Password Without Any Softwares

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How can I hack anybody's Facebook password? How can I hack my friend's Facebook password? These are the most searched keywords on Google and other search engines.
Note: This Is An Awareness To Facebook Users To Not To Accept Stranger's Friend Requests.

Harish Kumar from Tricksladder has claimed that he has found one trick(loop hole) of Facebook security to find out anybody's Facebook password without any softwares. According to him there are certain conditions you should consider-

  • You need to make 3 fake Facebook accounts which should be at least 7 days older.
  •  That person whose account you want to hack should accepts friend request from those 3 fake accounts.
  • You should know that person's Facebook id or email address.

Now lets go to the process:

What are the process to hack anybody's Facebook Account?

  1. Go to and click on "Forgot Password".
  2. Now give victim's Facebook account id or email address or profile name and click on search, when you find victim's account click on "This is my account".
  3. Click on "No longer have access to this".
  4. Enter your own, NEW( make sure you shouldn't have used this email to create Facebook account already) email address.
  5. Now Facebook will ask you to give security question's answer. Just answer wrong answers three times or simply click "Continue"
  6. Select those 3 fake accounts which you have created to hack victim's account.
  7. Now Facebook will send a security code to those 3 fake accounts. 
  8. Enter those security codes. Now Facebook will send a Password Recovery email to that NEW email which you had entered already.
  9. Go to that email and click on the given link to change the password. After you changed password you can use victim's Facebook account. That means victim's Facebook has been hacked by you. It only works for 85% cases but for 15% cases it won't work.
Note: Tech Knowledge hasn't tested and approved this method, also doesn't responsible for any harm caused by this information.
If anybody has tested this method then he/she can write outcome in comment box below.

Advice: Don't Accept Stranger's Friend Requests.

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